Anne Cupal

International Business Coaching® 

What does International Business Coaching® achieve?

International Business Coaching® presents a working relationship on an equal footing whose quality is characterised by reciprocal acceptance, trust and discretion between you and me. 

It involves a combination of individual support with the resolution of a professional matter and personal support at a process level.
Here I do not offer you any specific suggestions for a solution but I help you to set your own goals and develop paths to a solution.

As an interactive and personal support process, International Business Coaching® can cover both professional and private issues. However, your professional role or associated issues remain in the foreground with the focus on performance, management and strategic issues.

International Business Coaching® focuses on a targeted and solution-orientated support process tailored to your individual wishes and requirements and serves to help you achieve the goals you have set yourself that are important for your professional development or that of your staff. Here you and I jointly determine the content and procedure of the process support, with you retaining responsibility for your actions.

A transparent coaching concept forms the basis of my approach as a Business Coach. It describes and sets out what coaching methods, techniques and interventions I use, how the planned and intended process can occur and what causal connections are to be noted.

International Business Coaching® consists of several sessions, can, if desired, take place on the job and is limited in time. It is targeted both at individual managers (individual coaching) and at several managers at the same time (group, team or project coaching) and can, if required, be conducted in your desired language (English, French or German).

Subjects that can be better understood, effectively dealt with and optimally implemented with International Business Coaching® are, for instance:

  • Reflection, soundly-based feedback and exchange on an equal footing concerning professional matters in an international context
  • Development or reinforcement of leadership and management skills
  • Removal of performance, creativity and motivational barriers and the development of potential performance with previously untapped resources
  • Professionalisation of the professional role
  • International career planning, for example preparation for new tasks and situations; dealing with new professional demands
  • Stress reduction and establishment of successful strategies for coping with day-to-day professional work
  • Resolution of a professional conflict situation, for example a relationship conflict with another person
  • Change of international location
  • Introduction of a new company culture upon international company takeover or merger associated with the integration of new values by the members of the organisation
  • Change in classic work structures
  • Introduction or change in a management style
  • Integration and induction of new members of an organisation
  • Introduction of teamwork at a cross-border company level
  • Introduction of interdepartmental or international projects

I will be happy to advise you without obligation on the above-mentioned topics and to present my coaching concept to you.